Our Mission & Vision

SKY-Technology was founded in 2007 as a result of a simple observation: a need for an experienced technical partner to connect European customers and manufacturers in the far East.

We believe standard products in our market are almost never standard. More often we find that a customized solution fits our customers application, environment, users and budget better than a standard one.

Based on more than 70 years of combined experience and knowledge, we assist and advise our customers from the first conversation to the after sales support stage. We are in this together!

Businesses come to us when they need an experienced technical partner. We help them define and create their ideal display, touchscreen or embedded computing solution. We ask questions and find out exactly what they need. By doing this we help them consider technical aspects they may not have thought about.




Our People and Culture

Our employees make our company what it is. Our team has a long history of working together for other companies. These long term relationships and our knowledge and experience, is what makes us strong. We believe in a personal, transparent and honest approach, within our team and with our customers. At the core of what drives us is a vision of teaming up with our customers and partners to create the ultimate solution. We do not believe in quick sales and don’t forget about our customers after product installation. 

Personal, Transparent and Honest