SKY-Technology was founded in 2007 as a result of a simple observation: a need for an experienced technical partner to connect European customers and manufacturers in the far East.

We believe standard products in our market are almost never standard. More often we find that a customized solution fits our customers application, environment, users and budget better than a standard one.

Based on more than 70 years of combined experience and knowledge, we assist and advice our customers from the first conversation to the after sales support stage. We are in this together!

Businesses come to us when they need an experienced technical partner. We help them define and create their ideal display, touchscreen or embedded computing solution. We ask questions and find out exactly what they need. By doing this we help them consider technical aspects they may not have thought about.



Our People and Culture

Our employees make our company what it is. Our team has a long history of working together for other companies. These long term relationships and our knowledge and experience, is what makes us strong. We believe in a personal, transparent and honest approach, within our team and with our customers. At the core of what drives us is a vision of teaming up with our customers and partners to create the ultimate solution. We do not believe in quick sales and don’t forget about our customers after product installation.

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How We Work

Our Inquiry, Manufacturing and Support Process




So you're looking at a display solution for your project. There are a lot of things to consider and to take into account. That is where SKY-Technology comes in! We are there, by your side, to help you through the development and manufacturing process. Our long term manufacturer relationships will let us provide you the perfect solution within budget.  

But how do we go from your inquiry to final product installation?

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The Process


As you can imagine, the inquiry phase starts with the inquiry we receive. The inquiry phase focuses on getting as much information as possible from the prospect.

When the prospect has decided on the product, we will start the manufacturing process. In this phase the product is developed and manufactured. Depending on the project and the amount of products needed, this can mean making one or more prototypes first before the final production starts.

The relationships with our customers don't stop after product installation. We understand display and embedded computing product need support and service after installation. That is why we stay in close contact with our customers to guarantee the continuity of the products. 

All our customers enjoy the benefits of our in-house service and repair center. This means quick response times and high quality maintenance and repairs.





The Inquiry

The process starts when we receive an inquiry from a prospect. This usually includes basic information about the application and a description of the product they are looking for.


Determining Requirements

Based on the inquiry we contact the prospect to ask further questions. We ask the prospect about the environment the product will be used in, the users, the budget and other requirements we need to take into account.

All these specifications help us offer perfectly fitting solutions.





Requesting Manufacturer Quotes

We take all the requirements of the product and request quotes from multiple manufacturers.

We have a solid network of potential manufacturers based on long term relationships. This gives us a great variety of options to offer to our prospect.

Our Taiwan based office allows us to locally source the best solutions.


Presenting Options

When we receive the quotes from our manufacturers we present them to the prospect. We go over all the possibilities and help the prospect weigh the options so they can choose the best product for their project.

We will offer extensive advice to the prospect during this step.


Visit (Optional)

If needed we can visit the prospect to talk about the application and requirements some more. Or to go over the different product options in person.


Sample or Prototype Manufacturing

Often the customer wants to test the product before ordering large amounts of products. When choosing a standard product, we deliver a sample of the product to the customer. 

When the project requires developing a custom product, we manufacture a prototype based on the determined requirements. If after testing a second or even third prototype is required, this is also an option. 




Sample or Prototype Testing

When the prototype is manufactured, we deliver it to the preferred location where the customer installs the product.

It is then extensively tested to make sure it works as expected. If any changes need to be made, a second prototype can be realized for further testing.


Final Product Manufacturing 

When the product is tested and approved the final product is ordered and manufactured.

After approval our manufacturer goes ahead and makes the total amount of product requested. 


Final Product Delivery & Installation

Our customers' projects usually need large amounts of display products.

We can arrange to deliver the products in smaller sized batches or all at once. Whichever the customer prefers.


Service, Maintenance & Support

After final installation the relationship between SKY-Technology and the customer doesn't stop. We continue to stay closely involved in the project for support if needed.

Our in-house service and repair center quickly takes care of all maintenance and repairs for our customers. 





Why Us?

We understand selecting a business partner or supplier can be difficult. There are a lot of things to consider. We give you three reasons for choosing us as your next partner.




Over 70 years of combined industry experience

Over the years, we have build long term relationships with high quality manufacturers giving us a wide range of touch screen, monitor, camera and display products.

Our extensive experience also ensures high quality service and product support from our sales team. 

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We look beyond standard solutions

SKY-Technology not only offers standard of the shelve products, but can customize any product to fit your needs, application and budget.

Our experience learned us that standard products often need custom adjustments and great long term support. That is why the product is just as important to us as the after sales support.

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We don't stop after we sell

At SKY-Technology our main focus is not to just sell. That is why we don't list a standard range of products on our website. We believe talking to our customers and finding out exactly what they need is the way to go. Based on the requirements we go out and find the right product with the right specifications. And the relationship doesn't stop after installation. After sales support and service is part of our deal. If you need assistance, whether it's before, during or after the purchase, we are there.  

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