As of June 2016, SKY-Technology operates from a local office based in Taipei, Taiwan. Our Taiwan office and team serve as a gateway between Asia and Europe. Next to intensifying the relationships with our manufacturers and suppliers, they also perform local quality control checks. 

Having a local Taiwan office strengthens our position in Asia and helps us increase the level of quality of our products even further. 



The Benefits

Our Taiwan office provides many benefits to our customers.

  • Local Presence
  • Improved Communication
  • Product and Factory Quality Control
  • Supplier Management
  • Logistics

Local Presence

Being located near our manufacturers and supplier gives us great advantages when searching for the perfect solution for our customers. Faster and more clear communication allows for high quality local sourcing. Our Taiwan team can effectively compare different possible solutions based on our customer's specifications which our EU team will then present to the customer. 

Improved Communication

We save time by communicating with our Asian based manufacturers and suppliers in the same time zone. This allows for quick support and immediate real-time response. Our local Taiwan office gives us a direct line of communication with our Asian partners - improving the solutions we provide to our customers.

Product and Factory Quality Control

Controlling the quality of products made in the far east can be challenging. There has to be a level of trust between customer and manufacturer to achieve the highest possible product quality.

To further ensure the quality of our solutions, our Taiwan office carries out regular quality control checks of our suppliers and manufacturers. They also check the quality of 100% of our products before they ship to Europe.

These local quality checks help us deliver high standard products to our customers and preventing DOA products (Dead on Arrival). Saving valuable time. 

Supplier Management

Our Taiwan based team stays in close contact with our suppliers. They perform regular visits further strengthening the relationship between SKY-Technology and the suppliers. As well as monitoring key new products developments and ensuring our high standards are continually met.


Before shipping out products to our EU office in Heemskerk, The Netherlands, the Taiwan team will thouroughly compare freight costs from different carriers. If possible they will even combine shipments to gain economical advantage for our customers.  





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