Display cables and display connectors differ with each application. We supply interconnections suitable for many different applications. From heavy industrial solutions to medical applications.
When choosing a display cable and display connector for your application we take in account the complete solution. All our connections are certified and meet current standards within multiple markets. 




Standard or Customized Cables?

Whatever you need

An LCD or TFT display, processor board, touch screen or camera product, are usually supplied with standard cables.

But what happens when these cables do not fit the application?

That is when we help you customize cables and connectors to fit the product and application. We can custom determine the length and quality of the cables. All depending on the applications and its needs. 

Types of cables

  • LVDS
  • TTL
  • USB device cables
  • Power cables
  • Audio cables
  • ​Video cables



Display Connectors

What fits your application best?

Display connectors are the link between a display cable and the display itself. The type of connector your display solution needs, all depends on what the display will be used for.

Display connectors can only be supplied in combination with a cable. Our product specialists are happy to help you find the right display cable and display connector. Custom connector/cable solutions will guarantee a perfect fit for your application.

Types of connectors

  • CIF
  • Sub D
  • HDMI
  • ​VGA







In-House Support and Repair Service


When purchasing a solution or product from SKY-Technology you will also enjoy the benefits of a support and repair service, located in-house. This means not having to deal with external service companies. The International Service and Support Group (ISSG) takes care of the SKY-Technology support and repairs and is located in the same office building.

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