Considering what kind of bezel your display needs is an important part of selecting the perfect solutions.
Will the display be used inside an application or used on its own? What environment will it be used in? What material would be best? Will a standard display bezel do or do I have to custom design a display enclosure?
Our product specialists will tell you all about the display enclosure options and will assist you throughout the whole process.



Standard Display Bezels

Three versions


There are three main standard display bezels to choose from. They are all mounted differently and are suitable for different applications. 





Open Frame Display Bezel

Open frame display bezels mount from the rear. Brackets in the bezel make installation easy and quick. The industrial design makes an open frame display perfect for use in kiosks and applications that require a flush front finish.



Chassis Display Bezel

A chassis display bezel is an enclosure with a stainless steel bezel. This makes it perfect for use in harsh industrial environments. A chassis display mounts from the front and often uses a VESA mount for installation.



Panel Mount Display Bezel

A panel mount display enclosure is suitable for those displays that have to fit into a rough opening. A panel mount display mounts from the front right into the opening.

Custom Display Bezel

The perfect fit for your application


If a standard open frame, chassis or panel mount display enclosure is insufficient, a custom made display bezel can be the perfect solution. Are you looking to design a custom bezel around your display solution? Our technical sales specialists would be happy to advice and assist you in developing a custom display bezel.

You can also decide to take care of the enclosure yourself. In that case we will help you integrate all the display components. 

We will provide you with a high quality display solution and custom designed display bezel for your specific application.






In-House Support and Repair Service


When purchasing a solution or product from SKY-Technology you will also enjoy the benefits of a support and repair service, located in-house. This means not having to deal with external service companies. The International Service and Support Group (ISSG) takes care of the SKY-Technology support and repairs and is located in the same office building.

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