An embedded computer system is an electronic system build into devices and machines. Embedded computing is devided into three different solutions. There are industrial computers (single board computers or SBCs), box PCs and panel PCs.

A single board computer is a complete computer, build on one single circuit board. They can be connected to a display.

Box PCs are complete embedded computer units that are often housed in their own robust enclosure.

A panel PC is a complete embedded computing solution, combining a computer and display into an enclosure.





Industrial Computer Solutions

What solution fits you best?



1. Single Board Computer

Our industrial computer motherboards are always fitted with the latest processors. These boards are industrial computer grade motherboards and ensure that they are available for a longer period of time (up to 7 years).

The industrial qualities also guarantee an industrial computer temperature range, from -20 to +70 °C. Often used form factors for SBC's are Mini-ITX, 3,5 inch, Nano ITX and Pico ITX. 

Motherboards can be integrated with our box PC and panel PC solutions to make it a finished product. SKY-Technology can customize boards to your needs and application.




2. Box PC

Embedded Box PC's are often used as part of a larger application or as a specific industrial computer in vehicles or machines. They usually come in their own robust enclosure. Where regular consumer grade computers are designed to be able to handle as many tasks as possible, an industrial box PC is often build to perform one specific task. 

Industrial computers are  build around a CPU-platform. They are equipped with the level of power and power consumption they need to perform the desired task. They can be fitted with just a few standard RS-232 serial ports or can be build with a full I/O set to be able to handle the most demanding multi media applications. Embedded Box PCs can be designed in such a way that the size and price are kept to a minimum. While getting optimal reliability and performance.

There are some options to consider when designing your embedded computer Box PC. Type of cooling, IP65 proving or adding the ability to handle extra wide performance temperatures are just a few.




3. Panel PC

Industrial panel PCs are perfect for visualizing data and media in a range of applications. They can be used as a touch panel PC for controlling industrial equipment. As a multimedia panel PC for hospital patient entertainment or as an infotainment system in cars and taxis. The possibilities are endless!

When choosing an embedded panel PC for your application there is the option to select a standard product or you can choose to custom design a panel PC. That way you can take in account the needed performance and durability and can even design the exterior of the industrial computer panel PC to fit your user requirements. 

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Tips: Buying an Industrial Computer

Consider this




Before buying an industrial computer solution, please consider what things are important for your application. Our product specialists can help you find out which solutions fits your applications best. 





What kind of CPU are you thinking about? Celeron, Aton, Pentium or I7? Cooling of a heavier CPU needs to be very good. Will you choose for active or passive cooling?



Operating Systeem

There are different operating systems that can be chosen for your solution. For example Android, Microsoft and Linux are a few of them. Consider which system you like best and why, so you can inform your product specialist and find the best solution. 



Input- and Output

There are a few standard inputs and outputs. But custom in- and outputs should be no problem. A few standard in/outputs are LAN, USB, audio and serial.


A fanless application is great. Because there are no moving parts that can get broken after using the application. But, fanless applications are more expansive. An application without fan needs other parts to realize enough cooling.







Industrial Computer Enclosures

Open frame, Chassis, Panel mount or Custom Bezels



Custom Industrial Computer Bezels

Embedded computer panel PC's are end-products, ready to be build into the final application. The way they are integrated in their final application decides what bezel the solution needs.

Next to housing industrial computers in standard enclosures like panel mount, open frame and chassis - SKY-Technology can develop custom or full custom industrial computer enclosures. 

Some applications require parts of the housing to be custom designed or altered or even completely custom made. SKY-Technology has long term quality partners to develop custom housing to integrate an LCD display solution in a custom enclosure.



Open frame Enclosure

An open frame mount enclosure around a panel PC does not have a front bezel. This has to be added on later if required.

Chassis Enclosure

A chassis mount enclosure is a panel mount enclosure with a stainless steel bezel. This makes it a perfect fit for use in harsh industrial environments.

Panel mount Enclosure

A panel mount enclosure is suitable for those panel PCs that have to fit into a rough opening. Kiosk applications often use panel mount housing.





Product Information

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Operating Features

Choosing the right AD or industrial computer board involves making decisions. These decisions all depend on the application the industrial computer board will be used in. Is the application located inside or outside? Does it have to be able to withstand high or low temperatures? With or without fan? Or does the embedded PC solution need to be waterproof? All these circumstances need to be taken into account when selecting your final product.

SKY-Technology helps you consider the right features and select the right product.


The availability of an industrial computer product depends on a number of factors. Consumer based computers have a shorter availability than industrial computer based products. Industrial boards are based on chipsets that are made for long term use.

In general, SKY-Technology supplies industrial based products. This ensures a long term availability for their customers. 

Platform and OS

Our industrial computers are based on either Android, Linux or Microsoft. The type of operating system depends on the manufacturer of the product. SKY-Technology is a Microsoft Embedded Partner. This means we are fully qualified to support Microsoft solutions. Android operated systems are supported by us as well. If a Linux based system is chosen, the customer will handle support of the product. 

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In-House Support and Repair Service

When purchasing a solution or product from SKY-Technology you will also enjoy the benefits of a support and repair service, located in-house. This means not having to deal with external service companies. The International Service and Support Group (ISSG) takes care of the SKY-Technology support and repairs and is located in the same office building.

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