Nowadays OEM camera modules are used in more different applications and industries than ever. Next to them being found in mobile phones and laptop computers, the automotive, entertainment and medical industry integrate OEM camera modules into their products more often as well.

We believe that no project is the same and sometimes changes need to be made to fit our product to your requirements. That is why we offer multiple customization options for our OEM camera modules. 


OEM Camera Options


If our standard cable doesn't fit into your application, we can arrange a custom OEM camera cable that is made to fit your requirements. 


If the standard lens doesn't give you the correct focus distance, we can have this adjusted to your requirements. Finally, we can supply you with specialty lenses like a fish eye lens to change the picture of the OEM camera.




We can support resolutions from 1.3 up to 5.0M on our USB OEM camera modules. 

Form Factor

Our OEM camera modules can be supplied in several form factors like 60.0 x 8.0, 35.0 x 12.0 and 38.0 x 6.9 mm.





In-House Support and Repair Service


When purchasing a solution or product from SKY-Technology you will also enjoy the benefits of a support and repair service, located in-house. This means not having to deal with external service companies. The International Service and Support Group (ISSG) takes care of the SKY-Technology support and repairs and is located in the same office building.

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