Our Partners

Our partners have a been selected with the utmost care to make sure the level of quality of our solutions remains at the high standard we always aim for.  





Official Partners



Varitronix is a leading manufacturer of small-to-medium-sized LCDs aiming to offer displays and providing a range of standard, semi- and fully customised solutions. They provide a broad array of technologies combined with a focus on product quality, innovation and value added services.


Team Source Display Technology, or TSD, was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. The company focuses on the development of LCD and LCM modules. Over de past decade, TSD has succesfully supplied high quality solutions for products from a wide variety of industries.


Easttop Displays (also ETD), and its factory, are located in the Chinese city of Heyuan, but is registered in Hong Kong. The company specializes in the production of LCD modules, like mono and TFT. They also have an SMT production line and OEM assembly workshops.


Headquartered in Taoyuan, Taiwan, Winsonic is a leading global provider of digital visual technologies, especially LCD applications. With strong R&D and manufacturing facilities and global sales and marketing channels, they are united by quality, innovation, value and customer service.





Sales Partners



Amongo Technology Co. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer specialized in designing and producing industrial LCD monitors, panel PCs, A/D boards and inverter boards. With years of professional experience, Amongo has successfully worked with the biggest ATM, gaming and kiosk partners worldwide. 


Bluestone Technology is an established force in the rugged displays market with many years of experience in this field. They have developed specialist techniques to enable rugged displays to withstand the harshest environments in many industrial, military and commercial applications.


Nexcom is a Taiwan based manufacturer of intelligent systems like embedded computing and panel PCs. They supply products for multi media, network, security, automotive and industrial applications and have decades of industrial computing experience and a highly talented R&D team.


VASTouch has pursued a diversified display related industry with its mission to create a powerful position and market share, based on specific know-how and experience. VASTouch has continuously utilized expert knowledge in TFT-LCDs and touch panels to provide total solutions.


Zytronic, manufacturing from three modern factory premises in Blaydon upon Tyne, UK, has developed a unique range of touchscreen products employing projected capacitive technology ZYTOUCH which enables the pointing device to sense through an anti-vandal screen in front of the display.





Support Partners



Atechnology provides support in your development process. They engineer high-quality technical products and as a young company they are more affordable and flexible than larger companies. They have specialists in hardware, software and embedded design among others.


Design studio DUNC is mainly aiming on the design of electronic housing and consists of a team of technical, creative and experienced designers. Besides designing an enclosure for your product, DUNC can also arrange the outsourced production and assembly for your products. 


EETI specializes in two business units. The touch unit specializes in all four touch technologies: resistive, capacitive, SAW and infra red. The audio/video IC unit specializes in embedded multifunctional peripheral imaging appliances as well as IP and various interface technologies.


InnoDisplay focuses the supply of total TFT-LCD solutions such as controller boards for monitors & TV, open frame monitors for industrial and gaming applications and TFT-LCD panels based on their strong development ability & accumulated experience in this field of the display industry.


Prodata is a highly diverse manufacturer of standard and custom inter connect components and electromechanical assemblies, with a focus on quality. Their services are used in multi media, telecommunication and industrial automation applications around the world.