About us

This is SKY-Technology

Over 70 years combined experience

Many custom options

Customer relationship is focus

Our story

From 2007 till now

SKY-Technology is a professional supplier of display and embedded computing solutions. Each customer and each project is unique. That is why most of our solutions are custom. This way we always supply a product that fits your application perfectly and meets your wishes, demands and budget.

How it all started

After gaining years of experience in the display and computing market, Wilco van der Plas and Bart Dolsma founded SKY-Technology 2007.

There was a lot of demand for an experienced technical partner that could connect European clients to manufacturers from the Far East. Also, standard solutions often weren’t sufficient. Therefore, SKY-Technology became the supplier that offers perfect fitting display and embedded computing solutions by partly or fully customizing products.

These days, SKY is a trustworthy and established name in the industry. The company also operates as a European logistical partner for many large manufacturers. SKY has always invested in building long term relationships with its display and embedded computing manufacturers. Making it possible to connect the right manufacturer to each customer.

SKY management team
SKY-Technology kantoor

We get it done

Our goal is to make it easier for our customers to realize their application. As a loyal partner we take time to find out what the customer really needs. A list of technical specifications, delivery time and price wishes in hand, we go out to find the best fitting manufacturer and product. The customer will nog only end up with a perfect solution, but also with a manufacturer that fits their production numbers, sizes and delivery time.

Our employees make the company. We have been working together for many years and after many summer BBQ, Christmas dinner and daily lunches, we know each other pretty well. Transparency and honesty are key. Not only within our team, but with our customers and partners as well. SKY really is ‘what you see is what you get’. We don’t believe in quick sales, but in long term collaborations.

Local partner in Taiwan

As of June 2016, SKY-Technology has a local office in the Taiwanese capital of Taipei. Our Taiwanese office and team act as a gateway between Azia and Europe. Next to strengthening our relationships with local manufacturers and suppliers, they also perform local quality controls.


Local presence: quick and clear communication and high quality local purchase.
Improved communication: Time saving through real-time response.
Quality control: 100% control of our products and frequent quality controls at our manufacturers.
Supplier management: A lot of attention goes to relationship management and product development control.
Logistics: Economics advantages by locally comparing freight costs and combining shipments.

How we work

The development proces


What is the customer looking for? A basic description of the application.

Manufacturer quotes

Quotes are requested from different potential, suitable manufacturers.

Visit (optional)

If need, a visit can be planned for further questions.

Sample testing

The customer will extensively test the sample or prototype.

Delivery and installation

The product can be delivered in one or multiple deliveries. We also offer installation services.

Requirements and specifications

We collect more information on the user, environment and budget.

Presenting the options

We will walk through the received quotes with you and advice you on the options.

Sample production

Firstly, a sample (standard) or prototype (custom) will be produced.


When testing is successful, larger numbers will be produced.

Service, maintenance and support

After supplying, SKY is still involved in the project for support if needed.

Curious to find out what SKY-Technology can do for your project?