Kim Runhaar

Kim Runhaar

Kim is responsible for SKY-Technology’s marketing activities. She focuses on online marketing by writing interesting content, growing SKY’s online presence and generating leads for the sales department.

Experience and background

Kim has a bachelor’s degree in International Tourism Management. She has been involved in SKY-Technology’s marketing activities from day 1. Even part-time when studying and later on next to her flight attendant job. She has gained a lot of marketing experience during her final thesis research internship and by working for an online marketing agency. In June of 2015, after 5 years, she took of her high heels and uniform and put all her focus on marketing.

Nice to know

Kim loves traveling and has seen many places around the world including Indonesia, Canada and Malaysia. Her travel bucket list is still quite long, so she hopes to travel more in the future. She also enjoys cooking and creative activities. Today she is a proud mom of a little girl and enjoys spending time with her family.

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