Batteries and battery packs for commercial and industrial use

Batteries for use in commercial and industrial environments are often not standard. When a simple AA-battery does not meet the standards, SKY-Technology can supply custom battery solutions. We do not only supply different batteries with different specifications. We also offer custom battery packs that can be fully customized to fit your application in size, voltage, security and capacity. You can also choose between non-chargeable (primary) batteries and rechargeable (secondary) batteries.

Available batteries

Zinc Carbon, Alkaline / Lithium

These batteries are suitable for all devices that are relatively low power, like smoke detectors, children’s toys and remote controls.

Long lifecycle
Most used
Good performance at low temperatures
Durable: hardly runs out
Not rechargable
Environmentally harmful

Lithium Thionyl Chloride

These batteries are mostly used in commercial and industrial applications, like AMR (Automatic Meter Reading for gas and water) or AEDs.

Suitable for very low temperature (up to -85°C) applications
Durable: runs out extremely slowly
Perfect for low power, long term use
High energy density
Not rechargable
Cannot be used in consumer electronics

Sealed Lead Acid (loodaccu)

Sealed lead acid batteries are often used in back-up systems, solar panel storage and forklifts.

Simple: water, sulphuric acid and lead
High voltage
Relatively high power per mass unit
Low energy per mass unit
Oxyhydrogen possible
Weight and corrosion

Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)

This type of battery is mainly used for devices like wireless tools, laptops and smart phones.

Not suited for low and high temperatures
10 to 20% discharge per month
Better energiedensity than NiCD
Short lifecycle
Doesn’t deliver high power


Lithium-polymer batteries can be found in laptop, model airplanes and mobile phone.

The same electromagnetic composition as lithium-ion
No size restrictions
Highest energy density (light and compact)
Flat instead of cilinder shaped
No standard measurements


Just like lithium-polymer batteries, lithium-ion batteries can be found in laptops, model airplanes and mobile phones. But the difference is that lithium-ion batteries are also used in electric cars.

Second highest energy density (after Lithium-Ion Polymer)
Hardly any discharge
High power
Long life cycle
More environmentally friendly compared to other batteries
Risk of explosion/fire because of temperature
Loses capacity when not in use

Lithium solid state

The Lithium solid state battery is the successor of the Lithium Polymer battery.

Quick to recharge
Long life cycle (> 50.000 cycles)
Wide temperature range
Higher price
Still in prototype fase

Battery packs

In many commercial and industrial applications a standard battery simply isn’t enough. There may be special requirements when it comes to size, voltage and capacity. Or maybe the application requires custom security electronics.

Packaging, shipment & storage

Batteries are flammable and explosive which is why there are strict rules. SKY-Technology packages, ships and stores the batteries according to the IEC62133/62619 en UN38.3 norms.

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