Standard and custom display cables and connector solutions

Display cables and display connectors differ with each application. We supply cables suitable for many different applications. From heavy industrial solutions to medical products.

When choosing a display cable and connector we consider the full solution. All our cables and connectors are certified and meet standards from many different industries.

Standard or custom cables

When buying a TFT display, processor board, touchscreen or camera product, they are almost always supplied with standard cable sets.

But what if these standard cable sets aren’t suitable for your application?

That’s when we provide you with a custom cable and connector solution. We adjust the length of the cables and determine the quality of your cable set. The end result is a cable and connector solution that fit the product and the surrounding elements.

LVDS cables
TTL cables
USB cables
Power cables
Audio cables
Video cables

Display connectors

Display connectors are the link between the display en the cable. The type of connector suitable for your display solution depends on what the display will be used for.

Display connectors can only be supplied in combination with a cable. Our product specialists are here to help you choose the right cable and connector. Custom connector/cable solutions guarantee a perfect solution for your specific application.

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