Display enclosures

Standard and custom display enclosures

Display enclosures are crucial to realizing a perfect fitting display solution.

Is the display part of a complete solution or is it stand alone? What type of environment will it be used in? What material suits this enviroment? Does a standard enclosure suffice or is customization neccessary?

Our product specialist can inform you about our display enclosure options and help you select the right solution.

Standard display enclosures

Open frame, chassis or panel mount

There are three standard display enclosures to choose from. They all mount in a different way which makes them suitable for different industrial applications.

Open frame behuizing

Open frame panel PCs

Open frame display enclosures are mounted from the back. Brackets in the enclosure make installation quick and easy. The display’s open frame enclosure make it perfect for use in kiosks and applications that require a smooth ‘flush’ front.

Chassis display behuizingen

Chassis panel PCs

A chassis display enclosure is an enclosure with a stainless steel bezel. This makes chassis displays perfect for installation in harsh environments. A display with chassis enclosure mounts in the front of the application and often uses VESA mount.

Panel mount behuizing

Panel mount panel PCs

A panel mount enclosure is often used for displays that need to fit into a rough opening. A panel mount display is placed into the opening from the front.

Custom display enclosures

Custom made for your application

When a standard open frame, chassis or panel mount enclosure is not sufficient, a custom display enclosure is the answer. Are you looking for a bespoke display housing solution for your display application? Our product specialists are happy to assist and guide you in the development of a custom design.

You are also free to solely purchase the display solution from us and develop your own display enclosure. In this case, we are happy to help you integrate all components into one complete display solution.

We supply high quality display solutions and custom designed display enclosures for your specific application.

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