Embedded PCs

Single board computers, box PCs & panel PCs

An embedded computer system is an electronic system integrated in appliances and devices.

Embedded computing consists of three solutions: single board computers, box PCs and panel PCs. A single board computer is a complete computer solution, build on a single PCB. These motherboards are connected to a display. Box PCs are embedded computing units housed in a robust enclosure. These PCs are connected to the display with a cable. A panel PC is an all-in-one embedded computing product. Both computer and display are integrated in the enclosure.

Embedded PC solutions

Embedded PC specifications

This is what you need to take into account


A CPU, or processor, is the heart of the computer and determines its performance. The CPU is responsible for the calculations and control within the computer. The faster the CPU, the more tasks can be performed each second, the faster the PC.

The task the PC will be performing, eventually decides the choice of processor. Celeron, Anton, Pentium en I7 are the most used processors.

Keep in mind that a heavier CPU requires more cooling.

Operating System

The operating system, or OS, is a piece of software that controls the PC. Widely used operating systems include Android, Microsoft (Windows) and Linux. The choice of operating system depends on the application the PC will be used for.

Do you prefer one operating system? We will do our absolute best to find a fitting embedded PC solution that supports the OS of your liking.

Input & output

The input and output of a PC refers to the moving of data. Received signals are input. Devices that offer input are mice and keyboards. Signals sent by the PC are output. A computer screen and printer are examples of output devices.

To communicate with input and output devices, the computer is fitted with I/O ports. Examples are LAN, USB, audio and serial.

Your application determines what ports your embedded PC needs. We offer customized I/O ports for PCs.


A PC consists of many parts that produce heat. The right cooling solution keeps the PC cool and protects it from overheating.

A cooling solution can be fanned or fanless. Many customers prefer fanless cooling, because it does not have any moving parts that can break.

Fanless cooling is more expensive than fanned cooling however. More expensive materials are used to offer the same level of cooling as a fan would.

Embedded PC enclosures

Standard or custom?

Panel PCs are final products, ready to be built into the application. How they are integrated in the solution determines their enclosure. Next to standard enclosures like panel mount, open frame and chassis, SKY-Technology als offers bespoke embedded computer enclosures.

Standard enclosures

An open frame enclosure has no front panel. This can be added if required.
A chassis enclosure is a panel mount housing with a stainless steal frame. This makes this enclosure perfect for rough environments.
A panel mount enclosure is suitable for panel PCs that need to fit into rough openings. Kiosk applications often use panel mount enclosures.

Custom enclosures

Next to standard enclosure for embedded computer solutions, like panel mount, open frame and chassis, SKY-Technology develops bespoke embedded computer enclosures.

Some applications require customization of the PC enclosure or even a full custom design. SKY-Technology has long term relationships with high quality custom enclosure partners.

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