Interactive promotion unit for retail



Yakima was looking for a solution to introduce interactivity into their retail stores. As a way to help end customers find the right product. They designed an interactive unit that shows all Yakima solutions. A touch screen in the center of the unit helps customers select a fitting solution.

For this promotional unit, Yakima was looking for an affordable stand-alone terminal. The terminal will have to show an application that customers can use to select their car’s make and model, as well as the Yakima product they are looking for. They system will then offer fitting solutions. The promotional unit will be installed in stores that sell both Yakima and Whispbar product solution.


17 inch HD Android Netwerk digital signage screen
100 pieces
Touch screen, stand-alone, collect data via LAN or WiFi.


The terminal needed to meet a number of requirements.

It had to be able to operate on a stand-alone basis. Next to that it had to have a touch screen so customers can intuitively use the application. All data needed to be collected from an external server using LAN or WiFi. Finally the cables of the display needed to be protected because the solution was going to be used in stores.

With these requirements and a specific budget Yakima came to SKY-Technology.

How we helped

SKY-Technology took budget and requirements into consideration when finding Yakima the perfect touch terminal. A Windows based solution did not seem to fit the budget, because of steep hardware prices. We then discussed alternative solutions with Yakima. Two solutions seem to fit their application:

  • An Interactive Media Player
  • A solution based on a processor board running Android OS.

The Android solution has the advantage of functioning like a tablet. This means effortless app installation.

Product solution

Yakima decided on a 17 inch HD Android Network digital signage screen for their application. It features a wide screen (1440 x 900) 250 nits TFT-LED panel. A resistive touchscreen offers interactive use of the product. Inside it houses a Dual Core Cortex-A7 1.2 GHz processor and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system. A 1GB Ram memory and 4GB Flash storage complete the solution. The device can be connected through LAN, WiFi or optionally 3G and is housed in an industrial grade metal enclosure with VESA mounting.