Outdoor medication dispense system

Medicijnuitgifte Unit - Monitor met touchscreen-2


Since the former used infrared touchscreen was end of life, our customer was looking for a suitable alternative for their medicine dispensing units. These units are used by Pharmacy customers to pick up medicine after closing hours. This is a service that makes is easy to pick up medicine whenever it suits the customer.

The new custom touchscreen in this outdoor kiosk, needed to be readable in day and nightlight.
In addition, it has to be able to change the touchscreen form-fit-functional. Together with our customer, we started developing a perfect alternative that suits their requirements best.


10.4 inch open frame monitor
300 pieces
Robust, sunlight readable, weather resistant and vandal proof.


In addition to the standard specifications such as brightness, backlight, viewing angles, interface, contrast and temperature range, there were many other wishes and requirements that needed to be considered.

Because it is an outdoor solution that also has to work well at night, there are quite a few challenges. For example, it is important that the touchscreen is weather and water resistant. The touchscreen must also be robust (vandal proof) and must be readable during the day, but it must not blind the user at night.

Our product specialist Martijn Bustraan has dived on this project and in consultation with our customer he has put forward various possible options.

How we helped

Since our customer was looking for a touchscreen similar to the previous model, we tried to stay as close to the original specifications as possible. With our customer we agreed on the specifications and dimensions based on currently available components.

Using existing components, we have developed an evaluation sample. The customer has received this sample for extensive testing. Together with Martijn the customer has determined to what extent the sample fitted with the application, or if something had to be changed.

After the sample was approved by our customer, we asked our design partner to develop a bezel for this specific touchscreen. The bezel is precisely tailored and developed so that it can be completely sealed off. Which is important because it has to be outside in all weathers. This makes the appearance but also the installation method identical to the infrared version that needs to be replaced.

Product solution

After consultation and testing, a 10.4 inch Open Frame monitor with special TFT display was the best fit. This involves a transflective TFT with LED backlight and a Projected Capacitive Touchscreen. This solution is easy to read in sunlight, but without too high brightness, which would work blinding at night.

In the end, this solution proved to be suitable for the wishes and requirements of our customer. The monitor and the touchscreen are robust, readable in sunlight, not too bright in the dark, weatherproof and vandal proof.

Medicijnuitgifte Unit - Touchscreen en monitor