TFT display on store shelf

Electronic shelf label


One of our customers was looking for a rectangular display that could be integrated into store shelves. So called Electronic Shelf Labels. The electronic labels display dynamic content like videos, images and product information and replace the current paper labels. A new way to inform shopping customers.


11 inch TFT display
500 pieces
Specific requirements for brightness, viewing angles and contrast. Custom fit for shelves.


The displays will be used as electronic shelf labels in stores. Readability influenced by brightness, viewing angles and contrast are therefore very important. Another challenge for these displays was the limited amount of space on the shelves for these displays. For that reason the displays could not be too wide for an efficient fit onto the shelves.

How we helped

Our customer needed displays suitable for a very specific environment. The foundation for the final solution were a narrow shape and specific technical specifications. Detailed discussions with the customer narrowed down the exact requirements. Eventually, our product specialist Martijn Bustraan, realized a perfectly fitting display solution.

Ofcourse the demands and requirements of the customers were taken into account. A standard TFT display, specifically a ruler display, turned out to be a perfect fit for the store’s shelves.

Product solution

For this electronic shelf label project we selected a 11.0 inch TN TFT display. The display has a brightness of 900 nits, 1280 x 120 RGB backlight and a 600:1 contrast ratio. Next to that, the display features wide viewing angles of 140 degrees horizontally and 120 degress vertically.

The brightness, size, shape and wide viewing angles make this display perfect for this specific project. Customers are able to read the displays easily and stores can mount them without effort.

Electronic shelf label-2