Touchmonitors in ultramodern trams

Touchmonitoren in trams


Our customer needed a touch screen monitor solution to automate communication in trams. This solutions had to simplify communication with the company’s base, colleagues and passengers. Next to that, the solution is a traffic control system responsible for operating traffic lights and rails.


7 inch open frame monitor
60 pieces
Sunlight readable, shock proof, automatic dimming, long term availability.


Because of the trams’ high intensity movements, the built-in solution had to be shock and shake resistant. It also had to be fitted with a robust touch screen with wide temperature range.

The trams drive around cities day and night. This meant automated dimming was required. This would ensure the screens would be readable in both daylight and nighttime. Sunlight readability was also something to take into account. The final challenge was making sure the monitor and touch screen were both available for at least five years. Long term deliverability was therefore set in stone.

How we helped

Our customer was already familiar with our solutions and therefore decided to send us the inquiry. Based on the set specifications and requirements, we found a perfectly fitting solution for our customer.

The product is completely custom made and required a lot of expertise to come to the perfect solution. After close contact with the customer, our product specialist Martijn Bustraan ensured a fitting monitor was selected. A touch screen was later added to this monitor.

First, the customer ordered some samples. These were tested extensively to make sure they fit the application. The samples were further developed after which the customer ordere more complete solutions. This series was used for field testing. Today, the customer has successfully deployed many touch screen monitors into operating trams.

Product solution

In consultation with our customer, we decided on a 7 inch open frame monitor. The monitor has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels and a 700 nits LED backlight with light sensor to dim the monitor. The temperature range is -30 to +80 degrees Celsius (a range often used in automotive applications). Both the monitor and touch screen are shock and shake proof. The monitor had to be powered by a 24 VDC power unit, which is why we selected a 9 to 36 VDC power connection. A rugged projected capacitive touch screen with USB connection was added to the monitor.

The solution is dimmable, sunlight readable, able to connect to the trams systems, has a wide temperature range and is available for a long time. Exactly according to the customer’s requirements.